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Episcopal Synod

Episcopal Synod

In accordance to Chapter 27, Canon 1, of the Constitution, Canons and Rules, the Episcopal Synod shall consist of the Diocesan Bishops of the Anglican ecclesiastical Province, but the absence any of the Bishops duly summoned to any session of the Synod shall no invalidate the proceedings of the Synod at that session, provided that the quorum provided by Rule is present at each meeting thereof. A Diocesan Bishop shall be entitled to sit in the Episcopal Synod when he presented to the Metropolitan the instrument of confirmation of his election or appointment together with the act of his consecration or if he shall have been consecrated outside this Province, a corresponding document from the Province in which he was consecrated.

A Diocesan Bishop who has a Coadjutor or Assistant Bishop working in his Diocese may grant to him commission to sit as a member of the Episcopal Synod in his absence, such commission being limited to a named session of the Episcopal Synod. (For detail of principal duties and assessors please go to Chapter 27, of the CCR).

The present Episcopal Synod consists of the following Bishops Commissaries:

  • The Most Rev. S. P. Prakash = Lucknow & Bombay Diocese
  • The Rt. Rev. Dr. Verghese = Kerala Diocese
  • The Rev. Canon John Ashish = Delhi Diocese
  • The Rev. Sushil Baldev = Nandiyal Diocese
  • The Rev. A.C. Peter = Madras Diocese
  • The Rev. Joseph David = Travancore & Chochin Diocese

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