Concordat : Anglican Church of India

Concordat of TAC

Concordat of The Worldwide Traditional Anglican Communion

As based on drafted in Orlando, Florida in the United States of America on 3rd. February, 1989, having come into effect on 29th September, 1990 and amended in the meeting of College of Bishops including the Province of India in Pienary Session from time to time as on October 2007.


Determined to maintain the unbroken continuity of our tradition within the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ from its inception to the present day especially as expressed in the precepts of the Ecumenical Councils of the undivided Church;

Established in our particulars identity of history, character and purpose within the constant tradition of the Church from its arrival in al the British Isles in the earliest Christian centuries, and as expressed in its tradition formularies; and Remaining in communion with all such Churches, Provinces and Dioceses throughout the world which have been established in and are faithful to the same constant tradition, to which the historic Chair of St. Augustine at Canterbury is called to bear witness;

We the Bishops of continuing Anglican Churches in full communion with each other, with expressions of concurrence of the clergy and laity thereof, hereby unite in a worldwide Communion of Orthodox Churches in the Anglican Tradition, and invite all faithful Bishops, Churches and Provinces which uphold the principles set forth in the Fundamental Declaration herein to participate in this our solemn purpose and act.

We further declare that the Churches, Provinces and Dioceses of this Communion desire to be in full communion with the whole of the One, Holy , Catholic and Apostolic Church of Christ, and in endeavoring to promote Christian Unity shall continue to regard as the minimum basis for such Unity the sharing of common Scriptures, Creeds, Sacraments and Ministry as identified in the Chicago - Lambeth Quardrilateral of 1986 - 1988.


1. This Communion, which is the continuation of the body formed provisionally at Orlando, Florida, in the United States of America on 3rd. February, 1989 and formally established at India in September 1990, is known as the Traditional Anglican Communion.

2. We preserve the Doctrine of the Lord uncorrupted, and firmly adhere to the Faith he delivered to us, and keep it free from blemish and diminution, as a Royal Treasure, and a monument of great price, neither adding any thing, nor taking any from it; and by St. John of Damascus.

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