Message from The Most Revd. Samuel P. Prakash,

Metropolitan of Anglican Church.

Eastertide is approaching with great joy to the believers who believe in Lord Jesus Christ through the Church. The Church is full of joy and shares this joy and blessings with its congregation who have faith and love in Lord Jesus Christ through the Church. Today, the church welcomes and invites its followers to come and pray to the Lord Almighty, fearlessly, the curiosity of each faithful to know Lord and to come closer to the Lord helps him to keep going strong and find Jesus. During this lent season, which started with Ash Wednesday the faithful have prepared themselves to accept the Holy Spirit and celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus has provided us a light of hope, way of happiness and good news and we must share this blessed and joyous time with the mankind and attract them to the Church and show them the true way of life which leads to eternity.

Holy week is the time to repent while devoting time to continue fasting and praying to accept the blessings of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gives true life and soul which the God has given at the beginning of life. Pray to receive the grace of the Holy Spirit, read the Holy Bible the word of God and understand the God almighty and His powers against satan and Evil temptations in daily life and while doing this worship the Lord and prepare for the eternal life.

A Christian no less than a non-Christian can easily fall into the materialistic life and miss the treasure of the Church because he keeps his eyes fixed, elsewhere. The Church is not an organisation for the social uplift of mankind or a universal philosopher. Knowledge is not all theoretical, we must know to act; an unknown god can never satisfy our need, not only because he cannot sate our curiosity, but even more because he cannot influence our conduct. Man, is not only thinking being but also a worshipping being of living and true God. We have His Holy Spirit in our mind, body and soul and we must sanctify and purify ourselves through fasting and prayer.

We believe in God almighty, maker of all things. So, God created “man” in his own image, in the image of God he created him. The Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. It was the real human to whom the God almighty (Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit) created on their image, with great expectations and this is our duty to understand what are the God’s expectation from us, what is His goal for us in this life He has given us. The human being can find this answer in Church, where we worship, repent, and seek Holy Spirit to open our understanding and wisdom.

God is always impartial and full of love but those are lucky who received his blessings without knowing about His son Jesus Christ and His crucifixion. We must take care that Holy week is very precious for us to follow the commandments of the holy Bible and this holy week gave us opportunity to love God with all our heart, mind and soul because He is with us and take care to all of us who hollow HIS TEN COMMANDMENTS, which Almighty God made Himself. In my opinion that is not enough to love thy neighbours as thy self. We have great concern to those who are suffering without reason by terrorists who killed faithful devotees at St, George Church, Nile Delta Town of Tanta, in Egypt. Christians all over the world are being persecuted and there are activities around the world which are attacking the humanity. I am calling to spread word of Peace and pray for the victims undergoing continuous attacks of the terrorists. These are the last days when we are waiting for the coming of Christ for the second time and I request to all Anglican Bishops, leaders and Congregation to remember teachings of Christ and follow the word of God in every day of life.

With blessing of God Lord Almighty and good wishes during Lent and Happy Easter!

May Peace be with you all now and always.

Archbishop Samuel P. Prakash

Archbishop Samuel P. Prakash
The Metropolitan Anglican
Church of India


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Ex Primate
Anglican Communion

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