Christmas Message 2015

The miracle of Christmas is that God chose to come be with us in Jesus Christ. While we may over-romanticize the stable where Jesus was born, we can know that this birthing place speaks volumes about God's infinite courtesy towards all people. Jesus was born in an earthy, raw, smelly stable, not in a temple or royal palace.

"Being born in such a place is God's way of showing that Christ comes to us in all sorts of human conditions - earthy, smelly, broken and accomplished. No matter what we've done or haven't done, God comes to be with us in Jesus Christ where we are in life, and out of his great love for all humanity."

"It is so easy to belittle our human dignity, itself a gift from God, and attach the vices of our world to somehow being OK with God. Indeed, the ancients allowed their gods to be representatives of such vices, in other words to make it OK to forgo true human dignity and not accepting that God is love.

"I pray that I and all of us who state we are Christian can kneel in humble prayer before the Christ Child and state: 'You allow me to know how to be human, that your coming in a human body allows me to experience your divine person, that you are truly the Son of God who enters into the history of man and allows us to participate in the timeless reality of God the Father, The son and the Holy Spirit.

"Your divine love coming into the world as a baby is irresistible and allows us the opportunity to initially experience God incarnate with awe and joy. May I love you always, at every moment, with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength."

"A blessed Christmas

Yours in Christ
Archbishop Samuel P. Prakash
Acting Primate, TAC
Metropolitan of Anglican Church of India (C.I.P.B.C)

Remembering Mrs W. R. Prakash

Born in 1944 in Gorakhpur, married to Archbishop Prakash in year 1968, passed away in 2014.

Being a pure soul, she lived her life serving ministry of Christ and she did her part to make this earth a better place for us to live. She was a knowledgable, humble and forgiving lady. With whatever God gave her she accepted it and was content with it. Followed Christ in every step of life, she played every role perfectly.

Being a Christian person of faith she believed and followed : Romans 12:21 "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." She believed in doing good because God is the only one who can judge and will judge on the final day.

Being part of Anglican Church of India and Traditional Anglican communion worldwide, she played a vital role by giving support to the church. With Archbishop Prakash she attended and supported Anglican events, meetings and celebrations in India and around the world. She mentored many by living her life by Bible and preached word of God to the people. Every year she provided leadership to the Christian Anglican youth in the youth camp and annual Christmas program.

With her love she nurtured a beautiful family. Being a wife, a mom and a grand mom she fulfilled all her roles perfectly, she stood by strongly and courageously supporting in difficult times. Her bright smile lightened the day with joy and hope, her pure heart poured her unconditional love. She was always there for her family when need be. She guided each one with a vision that Christ showed her.

Being a social worker she helped the community and worked for women empowerment. She was leader in Congress party and did her part to create a better world for all of us.

She was a teacher with passion to educate children and spread literacy to people who can't afford. She taught women from various neighbouring villages to read and write, she started the school to provide education to children. Along with Archbishop Prakash she supported kids and youths financially to complete their both basic and professional education.

Looking at the past we remember that she was a complete and a perfect person. God send her on this earth and she lived her life happily and successfully achieved all the goals that God wanted her to do on this earth. On 4th December, God Almighty called her back to His heavenly Kingdom and gave her an eternal life.

She has gone from this earth but she will live in our hearts for ever and ever. She was truly a blessing for each one of us. She left behind her legacy for us and we have to live by it. We pray that her soul rests in peace in Jesus Christ our Lord Almighty.

Anglican Church of India & Property

It is for your information that the Anglican Church of India, formerly known as the Church of England in India is autonomous Church and statutory body formed by the Acts of Parliament. It had a large jurisdiction to follow the same Constitution, Canons and rules and called the "Anglican Church of India, Pakistan, Burma and Ceylon (C.I.P.B.C.). The Anglican Church of India under the leadership of the Most Reverend Samuel P. Prakash, Metropolitan of India, is affiliated to the Worldwide Traditional Anglican Communion. The basic and fundamental Faith followed by:-

  • The Constitution, Canons and Rules (CCR)
  • The Holy Bible
  • The Book of Common Prayer

    After the formation of Spiritual Union in 1970, most congregations were against to this Church Union and continued the Anglican Faith and practice. On the same fundamentals as above. The most Rev. Samuel P. Prakash is elected Acting Primate of the Worldwide Traditional Anglican Communion and consecrated two Bishops in England as Chief Consecrator.

    The Anglican Church of India reserves right and authority as valid and constitutional Apostolic Succession make Bishops till they faithfully serve the Anglican Church. The Anglican Church of India has removed the following priests and Bishops from the Anglican Church due to their unauthentic and unconstitutional activities. They have sold most of the consecrated prime land of Anglican Church. They are no more now Anglican Priests or Bishops. They have now no right and authority to deal with the Anglican Church properties. They are as follows:-

    Name Removed on
    1. John Augustine 15th May 1997
    2. Gabriel Buxla 5th April 2008
    3. Johnson T. John 3rd February 2004
    4. Santosh Sagar 15th December 2004
    5. Samuel T. Ponniah 17th November 2011
    6. Patick Hosea 17th November 2011
    7. Rockas Sandhu 22nd January 2013

    The above persons are not Anglican Bishops, nor have the authority to sell properties.

    The Most Rev. Samuel P. Prakash
    Metropolitan, Anglican Church of India

    ACI PROPERTY (hindi)

    Reality Of Most Rev. John Augustine
    So called Metropolitan

    Reality Of
    So Called Church of India (Anglican) (C.I.P.B.C) -
    (A Registered Society)
    The Church of India (CIPBC) (formerly the Church of England in India) is the original Anglican Church in India. The Anglican presence in India dates back four hundred years ago to 1600, when Queen Elizabeth I, was still on the throne of England. From that time until within living memory British Chaplains and missionaries arrived in ever increasing number, and were territory included not only India the first to minister to the expatriate British community and later to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Indian people themselves.

    For the next ninety years that is until 1927 the Church of India was a Province of the Church of England, under the authority of the Crown and the British Parliament. Arising from the enactment of the Indian Church Measure, 1927 and the Indian Church Act, 1927 for the dissolution of its legal connection with the Church of England, the Church of India, Burma and Ceylon formed the ecclesiastical Province. It was the time it governed by its own very comprehensive “Constitution, Canons and Rules are binding on all members of the Anglican Church of India, that is all the clergy and lay people as well. It was the Government Church under Ecclesiastical department and Crown was the trustee of the Anglican Church.    more...

    Archbishop Samuel P. Prakash
    The Acting Primate of The Traditional Anglican Communion
    The Metropolitan Anglican Church of India

    Archbishop John Hepworth
    Ex Primate
    Traditional Anglican Communion

    Supreme Court of India gave landmark judgement on 30.09.13 in SLP 16575-16576 of 2012. CNI lost case of property management and control of all the Trusts and societies of all churches in CNI. Authority of CNI Bishops on properties lost permanently.

    The Union between The American Episcopal Church (AEC) and Anglican Catholic Church (ACC) was decided by the Bishops of Anglican Catholic Church(ACC) under the Chairmanship of the Most Rev. Louis W. Falk.     more...

    Legal Observations
    The book of "The Constitution, Canons and Rules (CCR)" is available in the office of the Metropolitan at St. Peter's House, Vikasnagar, Dehradun-248198.
    Cost Rs.300/- per book. Limited stock.

    Official Statements
    1. Archbishop John Hepworth's Announcement (from the messenger journal)  more...

    2. Vatican Announcement  more...

    3. Joint Statement by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster  more...