Remembering Mrs W. R. Prakash

Born in 1944 in Gorakhpur, married to Archbishop Prakash in year 1968, passed away in 2014.

Being a pure soul, she lived her life serving ministry of Christ and she did her part to make this earth a better place for us to live. She was a knowledgable, humble and forgiving lady. With whatever God gave her she accepted it and was content with it. Followed Christ in every step of life, she played every role perfectly.

Being a Christian person of faith she believed and followed : Romans 12:21 "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." She believed in doing good because God is the only one who can judge and will judge on the final day.

Being part of Anglican Church of India and Traditional Anglican communion worldwide, she played a vital role by giving support to the church. With Archbishop Prakash she attended and supported Anglican events, meetings and celebrations in India and around the world. She mentored many by living her life by Bible and preached word of God to the people. Every year she provided leadership to the Christian Anglican youth in the youth camp and annual Christmas program.

With her love she nurtured a beautiful family. Being a wife, a mom and a grand mom she fulfilled all her roles perfectly, she stood by strongly and courageously supporting in difficult times. Her bright smile lightened the day with joy and hope, her pure heart poured her unconditional love. She was always there for her family when need be. She guided each one with a vision that Christ showed her.

Being a social worker she helped the community and worked for women empowerment. She was leader in Congress party and did her part to create a better world for all of us.

She was a teacher with passion to educate children and spread literacy to people who can't afford. She taught women from various neighbouring villages to read and write, she started the school to provide education to children. Along with Archbishop Prakash she supported kids and youths financially to complete their both basic and professional education.

Looking at the past we remember that she was a complete and a perfect person. God send her on this earth and she lived her life happily and successfully achieved all the goals that God wanted her to do on this earth. On 4th December, God Almighty called her back to His heavenly Kingdom and gave her an eternal life.

She has gone from this earth but she will live in our hearts for ever and ever. She was truly a blessing for each one of us. She left behind her legacy for us and we have to live by it. We pray that her soul rests in peace in Jesus Christ our Lord Almighty.